Frequently asked questions

How do I get into the Hotel Vue des Alpes?
Go to the Check In page and click the ENTER button. A separate window for the vda-player will open. With the vda player you can explore the scenery and you can walk along the path up to the hotel.

How is the vda-player operated?
Click on the white or black dots or triangles. arrows on the right and left outside the image will turn the view from your viewpoint by 90° into the desired direction, dots and triangles on the image will take you to the next standpoint respectively. If nothing moves at all please refer to the attendant.

How can I book a room?
In the vda-player window, walk to the hotel reception desk and click on the guestbook. There you will be able to make the reservation you want. The booking system will automatically suggest the next free date.

I cannot enter the dining hall. How can I remove the blocking?
The dining hall, the access to the terrace and to the walks is reserved for our room guests. Some offline presentations, f.ex. in the Templates exhibition in the Kunsthaus Baselland, give access to the whole terrain of Vue des Alpes. If you wish to benefit from our offers, please book a room. You will have 5 full days to explore all parts of Vue des Alpes, including dining hall and discotheque.

When I start the vda-player I can only see a grey surface instead of the scenery.
If no images appear, it is most likely that your internet connection is too slow. We have tested all our vda players with different connection speeds and browsers, and we have found no problems. If you have a slower connection however, the vda player cannot reload the images fast enough. If that is the case, you should use the older player version of 2003.
No images could also mean that you are using an outdated Flash plug-in. Please read the 'technical details' page referring to that.

Why are there no moveable objects in Vue des Alpes, why can't I take anything away with me?
Vue des Alpes is no adventure game. There are no puzzles to be solved with a mouse click, no monsters to be killed, no treasures to be raised. There is just the idyll of fresh and clean air in the mountains...

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