A landscape to discover

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The site where the Hotel Vue des Alpes is being built has been developed and constructed on a PC pentium III with various 3D programmes since March 2000.

Situated in about 1600 metres the 3D terrain offers approximately 20km2 of landscape around the idyllic lake. The mild climate ( the daily average being 24° all year round) and the vast network of hiking and climbing routes which is still being constructed offer extensive opportunities for recreation to the stroller as well as to the ambitious mountaineer.

The alpine flora and fauna are modelled after the middle and high alpine zones. The moderate water temperatures of the 43 metres deep lake invite the guests to take a trip on or a pleasant bath in the lake. Until recently the region has only been sparsely populated. There are only scant traces of agricultural use (1 alpine hut).

The Hotel Vue des Alpes aims at developing this unique region, which has nearly been untouched by civilisation, for the gentle digital tourism. After the opening up of this region by the internet, a funicular railway (recently constructed, just a few mouse clicks away) brings hotel tourists to the Gleissenhorn region.

The region is also constantly being enlarged by mapped terrains and updates for further vegetation.

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